Polygonal steel poles

Polygonal steel poles consist of steel made cylinders that welded longitudinally. Transversal welds connect several such cylinders to form a tower. Due to conic structure of the foundation and its reduced diameter on the top, the settlement of sections cause friction on the bottom sections’ exterior surface and top sections’ interior surface so the tensions are transmitted at friction joints. Since this system is similar to the structure of a telescope, it is also called telescopic poles.

Small cross sections at the foundation and capability to support heavy mechanical forces are the main reason for polygonal steel monopoles’ popularity. High mechanical force tolerance, longer life span, aesthetic appearance, slight width and reduced space requirement especially at the foundation constitutes the main advantages of polygonal steel monopoles. However, relative expensive price, corrosion, high erection and maintenance cost are considered as disadvantages of these structures. PARS SAKHTAR Co. equipped with erection facilities and technical knowledge of poles institute the design and manufacturing polygonal steel monopoles at various dimensions and types.