Polygonal steel poles

Polygonal steel poles consist of steel made cylinders that welded longitudinally. Transversal welds connect several such cylinders to form a[...]

Lattice Steel Towers

Steel lattice poles have been utilized in sub transmission line at long distance spacing. Utilization of poles under various mechanical load[...]

Spun concrete poles

Spun reinforced concrete monopoles with hollow shaped cross sections are manufactured on the basis of centrifugal system and by getting adva[...]

Self supporting lattice masts

These masts are triangular or rectangular base steel lattice which are bolted in the form of truss consist of angles, channels and pipe prof[...]

Guyed masts

These free standing towers rely completely on guyed cables to provide stability and can be fabricated at various types and numerous size and[...]

Self supporting monopoles

Monopoles work well when space is limited. This feature makes them the most popular tower type in communication industry and can be fabricat[...]