Spun concrete poles

Spun reinforced concrete monopoles with hollow shaped cross sections are manufactured on the basis of centrifugal system and by getting advantage of molds with the length of 6, 9 and 12 meters. In order to reduce the weight of top sections, hot dip galvanized coating is applied on the cross arms. All the process including construct’s patent, components assembly and cross arm procedure is performed on concrete. The process can be accomplished by two approaches. Through the first approach the connection is performed by welding and in the second approach bolt and nuts joint system along with hot dip galvanized method is applied. Specifically designed embedded nuts are used to tighten the cross arms to the concrete constructs.

Perpendicular and shear loads are not actually determinant so total dimensions of cross sections are determined on the basis of modified diameter, thickness and amount of steel utilized in the constructs in order to support external moments. The identically structured Spun concrete poles have been used in 36Kv up to 400Kv single circuit or double circuit lines. The compact schemes are utilized in four, six and eight circuit lines with similar or diversified voltages.

These structures are manufactured, transported and erected at the height of 50 meters supporting more than 400 tons’ moments.