For more than 3 decades, PARS SAKHTAR Co. has been a trusted partner for renovation and erection of customized power plants, transmission and sub transmission lines and substation turnkey projects in Iran and overseas. Recognized as a premier designer and manufacturer of self-supporting concrete monopoles at voltage level ranging from 63 to 400 KV with numerous circuits, we are also a pioneer in manufacturing compact design poles. Remarkably, the compact design patent has been acknowledged nationally and internationally. The company profile can be summarized as follow:

  • Incorporated in 1984
  • The holder of premier license for qualified EPC contractor in power industry
  • The sole EPC contractor in North west of Iran
  • The sole qualified company for manufacturing all 3types of poles (self-supporting concrete poles, tubular poles, steel lattice poles)
  • Local and international patent of self-supporting concrete monopoles
  • Administration of more than 150 power plant and substation projects
  • Executing over 2000 Km transmission and sub transmission line
  • Importing engineering and technology service by the value of 10 million dollars

Jalil Navadeh Abazar Sahraei

General Manager

I believe that production is the essence of every individual and success is only feasible by challenge and struggle. Life is going by expeditiously and we must take advantage of every moment of life to step forward to attain our goals.