CEO message

PARS SAKHTAR CO., the premier and senior top grade contractor in power industry was founded in 1984. This company is the sole qualified firm for manufacturing whole 3 types of power transmission poles in Iran. PARS SAKHTAR CO. is the key executive of power transmission lines and substation EPC as well as power generating plants erection. The authorities of ministries have trusted our company since its foundation and this credence made our company reliable to design and manufacture specific structures which entails positive outcomes.

In this regard, Azerbaijan Regional Electrical Company proposed the construction of spun concrete pole manufacturing plant. Having investigated the feasibility of this project for 2 years, our company implemented the first transmission lines utilizing spun concrete poles at 230 kV double circuit with the length of 130 km from Khoy to Balanj substation in Urumieh. The project was accomplished in line with predicted schedule.

Utilizing spun concrete poles in power transmission lines has a long history in the world. Low voltage transmission lines with inclusive structure poles have been applied in Europe since 1920. So we looked for a way for diversifying the constructs’ dimensions, equipment and methodology of constructions in order to localize it and also apply it for high voltage lines. That is what we implemented for the first time in Iran: application of equipment at high voltage levels as well as design and administration of specific connection.

Having been patented locally in 2010, this inventive plan was patented internationally and got the first grade in applicable constructs invention Olympiad in Geneva in 2011. Ensuing hardworking years and achieving required experiences, we succeed in erecting more than 150 heavy and super heavy power transmission line project inside the country and overseas. We still hunt up innovation and presenting brilliant performance in order to glorify Iran in the world.