Maintenance and Reparation

This unit is responsible for the maintenance service and preventive repairs of the set of regular and periodic activities and methods

Maintenance and Reparation

This department is responsible for regular reparation and maintenance service in order to detect the current status of equipment and machinery and keeping them in the most suitable and desirable condition. These activities optimize machinery’s efficiency and reduce corrosion and consequently reduce the expenses on purchase and reparation as much as possible

The aim of maintenance and Reparation department:

  • Equipment’s life span optimization
  • Equipment’s reliability enhancement
  • Equipment’s efficiency optimization
  • Minimizing accidental reparation requirement
  • Control over equipment and prevent their breakdown due to trivial errors and reduce frequency of cessation
  • Controlling spare parts in the stock, standardization and regularizing related affairs
  • Reducing regular and frequent expenses and consequently optimum usage of spare parts
  • Dawdle prevention and quality improvement
  • Reparation activities timeline and methodology evaluation in order to optimize efficiency