Marketing and Tenders

In addition to pursuing product quality, PARS SAKHTAR CO. marketing department activity is based on commitment to satisfy customers, reduce [...]

Design and Engineering

Benefitting from well- recognized experts professional at power, civil and mechanic engineering, all the desired calculation, design and exe[...]

Project Management and Production Planning

To stay competitive and in order to achieve greatest efficiency, production planning department aims at accomplishing projects perfectly and[...]

Prototyping and Testing

When the ultimate design of transmission poles is prepared, an authentic sample structure is manufactured and assembled according to calcula[...]

Concrete Pole manufacturing

Prefabricated reinforced concrete structures with hollow shaped cross sections are manufactured on the basis of centrifugal system at worksh[...]

Steel Structure manufacturing

In addition to the main structure of the poles which is precast reinforced concrete structure, other steel structures such as cross arms, sh[...]